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2016 Postgraduate Programs for International Students of Hainan Medical University

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1. University Overview
2. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Programmes(Academic Degree)
2.1 Master of Basic Medical Sciences
2.2 Master of Clinical Medicine
2.3 Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
3. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Programmes (Professional Degree)
3.1 Master of Nursing Specialist
3.2 Master of Public Health
4. Catalog of Postgraduate Programmes(Academic Degree)
5. Catalog of Postgraduate Programmes (Professional Degree)
6. Entry requirements
7. Application documents
8. Qualification Verification
9. Expenses
10. Scholarship
1. University Overview
Hainan Medical University is located in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province in China. The University covers an area of 42 hectares and currently, there are over 19000 students. It has 3 first-level disciplines, basic medical sciences, clinical medicine and pharmaceutical sciences to confer Master's degree. There are also 3 disciplines, clinical medicine, nursing, public health to confer professional master's degree. Hainan Medical University has 3 affiliated hospitals and 86 teaching and internship bases, including the General Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army, the first and second affiliated hospitals of Zhongshan University, Xiangya Hospital Central of South University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, etc.
2.1. Master of Basic Medical Sciences
The School of Basic medical sciences is comprised of 5 sections of first-level disciplines: the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Tropical Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, the Key Laboratory of Tropical Diseases, the Key Laboratory of Tumorigenicity and Intervention of Hainan Province, and the Center of Scientific Experiment.
This School currently focuses on the research fields of oncology, immunology, etiology of tropical diseases, and neurodegeneration. It has a staff of 23 academic supervisors, among whom are members of National Talents Project, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution to China, national excellent workers of science and technology, and new Century excellent talents selected by Ministry of Education. These staff have so far hosted over 70 national research projects, with research funds up to 20,000,000 and 9 provincial and ministerial-level progress prizes granted in recent five years.
2.2 Master of Clinical Medicine
Teaching and research on clinical medicine are mainly administered in the Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University. This is a major general hospital, which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, disease prevention, health care, first-aid medicine, community service. In this hospital, there are 12 experts enjoying the special allowance of the state council, such as Xiaoping Liao, Chuanzhu Lv, Zhibin Chen, Zhonglin Mu and Meiling Yun. 27 departments of this hospital have been qualified to offer the state-level standardized training for medical graduates before they become resident doctors, and are capable of undertaking graduate training in clinical medine. Also in this hospital, there are 2 clinical specialties as national key construction specialties, 2 provincial key laboratories, 2 key disciplines funded by the education department of Hainan province, 4 key medical disciplines supervised Provincial Health Department, and 7 clinical specialties qualified through national drug clinical trials.The Affiliated Hospital of HNMU is one of the first medical institutions approved by Ministry of Health to work on human-assisted reproductive technology.
2.3 Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The School of Pharmacy of HNMU was approved to be a national construction institution of featured specialty in 2010, to be a national pilot construction institution of comprehensive reform in 2012, and to be one of the five tentative certification institutions in pharmacy in 2014. Affiliated with the School are a key laboratory of tropical medicinal plant research and development, a provincial key laboratory of preclinical pharmacology and toxicology research, and a provincial drug-safety evaluation center certified nationally. The School is equipped with precision instruments such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph and low pressure column chromatography system. In the School a platform for technological innovation has been established, which is for purposes of collecting bioactive products of Southern-China and Li-minority medicine, researching on pharmaceutical technology and pharmacokinetics, and experimenting on drug pharmacology, toxicology and their mechanism.
3. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Programmes (Professional Degree)
3.1 Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health (MPH), also hailed as “the MBA in health industry”, is internationally recognized as the mainstream degree in Public Health realm. MPH aims at training high-level, cross-discipline, applied talents specialized in fields such as Public Health Management, Health Emergency Management, Hospital Administration and Health Management etc. These talents will serve in public health sections and relevant administration sections, including centers for disease control, hospitals, institutions for community health service, health supervision and quarantine agencies, customs and WHO, etc.
3.2 Master of Nursing Specialist
To satisfy the demand of talents for the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island, education of Master of Nursing Specialists (MNS) gives priority to development of clinical nursing skills. It adopts two-to-one tutorial system: an academic tutor and a practical tutor from training base instruct together one trainee in clinical training, based on the integration of nursing practice and scientific research, teaching and management. MNS education aims at training high-quality nurses with practical skills in teaching, management and scientific research, as well as acquisition of latest knowledge and use of technology for specific nursing purposes. The graduates are expected to independently conduct evidence-based practice and solve problems concerning clinical nursing practice.
4. Catalog of Postgraduate Programmes(Academic Degree)
Basic Medical sciences
Human Anatomy and Histology and Embryology
Pathogen Biology
Forensic Medicine
Clinical Medicine
Internal Medicine
Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Emergency Medicine
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Analysis
5. Catalog of Professional Postgraduate Programmes (Professional Degree)
Public Health
6. Entry requirements:
Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with a valid ordinary-type passport, be in good health, have attained a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and meet the language requirements (HSK level 4 or above).
7. Application documents:
(1) Completed Application Form of Hainan Medical University (can be downloaded, one-inch photo is required).
(2) Statement of purpose. The statement must be in Chinese or English. The content should include study and work experience, academic research achievement, planned research proposal, and individual development objective after graduation.
(3) Two recommendation letters. The referee should be professor or associate professor or person with relevant academic title. The recommendation letter must be in Chinese or English and the referee’s signature and contact method are necessary. There is no official reference form.
(4) Official academic transcript up to the present. They must be original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English.
(5) Official diploma. They must be original documents in Chinese or English.
(6) HSK certificate.
(7) Personal information page of the passport.
Applicants can submit the required documents above with application fee in person or by e-mail hyyjsb@163.com.
8. Qualification Verification:
On receiving the application and relevant materials, the college will issue Letter of Admission to the qualified applicants. Then mail the Letter of Admission, Visa application form for Study in China (JW202) etc. together by registered Letter after
9. Expenses:
The fees for 2016 will be available in July, so until then use the following fees as a guide.
Tuition Fee
Around ¥23000 per year
Accommodation Fee
Single room ¥4800 per year, Double room ¥3600 per year
Application Fee
¥400 per year
10. Scholarship:
The University recognizes that studying postgraduate programs overseas is a major undertaking and aims to assist outstanding international students with scholarships. It includes Chinese Government Special Scholarship Program, Hainan Government Scholarship for International Students and Hainan Medical University Scholarship for International Students.
Contact Information
Postgraduate Department
Hainan Medical University, Haikou, 571101
People's Republic of China
Tel: +85-898-66891789, 66891955
Fax: +85-898-66891789
E-mail: hyyjsb@163.com
Web site: /webapps/yjsy/
The content above is subject to final explanation of Hainan Medical University. Please browse the website for updated information.

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